We run on-site SEO audit in a 3-step process:



We onboard your project by having a thorough discussion with you about your business goals, marketing objectives, organic marketing and SEO plan required, and what data to extract and report for website fixes..


SEO Audit

Depending on your requirements and SEO objectives, we’ll run an audit covering Google Analytics, technical SEO, competitor analysis, and backlink audit. Otherwise, we conduct a simplified audit focusing on quick fixes.



We suggest all our clients to have their websites audited on yearly basis as various things change their website’s performance like competitive landscape, keyword rankings, search engine algorithms, etc.

Why Choose Alpha Steve Marketing For Seo Audit? image
Alpha Steve Marketing is a digital agency offering SEO marketing and audit services for businesses looking to get traffic, leads, and conversions from search. Businesses choose us because we cater to their website audit as a standalone service with equal vigilance as with any other SEO services. We understand why SEO audits are necessary and what it takes to keep your website optimized. They give you detailed insights into your website’s performance and serve as benchmarks to create an SEO strategy moving forward.

Our SEO specialists are continuously monitoring Google’s algorithm changes and Webmaster guidelines as regular updates affect website performance and other significant metrics. Moreover, we thoroughly educate clients on why their website needs a proper SEO audit:

  • low traffic, 
  • high bounce rate, slow page load speed,
  • broken links,
  • outdated or underperforming content,
  • low conversion rate,
  • “HTTPS not secure”
  • display warning,
  • ranking behind your competitors,
  • duplicate content,
  • not ranking for long-tail keywords, and more.